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DreamCatcher helps facilitate Student Centred Career Development, with assistance from Caregivers and Teaching Staff.

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    Build your curriculum vitae PDF with the data that you input in to DreamCatcher.

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    Get the content you need from your team, clients & contributors.

  • SSO / KAMAR / MUSAC / PC Schools

    Integrate with your schools Single Sign On service and student management systems.

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Welcome to DreamCatcher

DreamCatcher is the Career Development Leader in New Zealand, described as visionary and intuitive. Key to our success is the importance of our collaborative approach with schools, whilst focused on helping our students. 

DreamCatcher's focus is to empower New Zealand's youth by giving them the tools, extensive ideas, contacts and structure for their thoughts to make informed decisions to foster ownership of their future. It allows students and parents to share their career planning journey while allowing you, the Career Practitioner, to add value to many students in a timely and effective way.

Dreamcatcher can assist with:

  • Providing a clear structure and links to all tertiary providers in New Zealand for students and parents to explore career possibilities, ensuring students are clear about entry criteria and possible outcomes.
  • Bridging the gap between students, parents and schools through our comprehensive communication system and provision for access to career tools.
  • As Youth Unemployment is a major concern DreamCatcher is forging ahead to expand the Gateway, Work Experience and Employment functionality modules especially apprenticeships within local communities and on a national basis.
  • DreamCatcher works extensively with occupation data from Careernz including, skills, qualities, subjects recommended and chances of getting employment in this area.
  • Students articulating their personality strengths through our own psychometric assessment called 'KnowMe'.
Students LOVE DreamCatcher
The DreamCatcher programme has been very helpful for me as it allows me to set out my goals for the future and research into what is required ... a very useful as a way of planning what career you may want to follow. Amy Lean - Student

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