Student Career Pathways

DreamCatcher helps facilitate Student Centred Career Development, with assistance from Caregivers and Teaching Staff.

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Facilitate Student Centred Career Development:

Self Knowledge:

  • Strengths, passions, and weaknesses
  • Identify and develop 'Validated Transferable Skills'
  • Academic, personal or career goal setting

EXCLUSIVE to DreamCatcher:

  • KnowMe: our own psychometric career assessment
    • Designed for students
    • Helping articulate key personality traits
    • Linking these traits to potential work environments
    • Opportunity to discuss results and current career aspirations with careers staff

Career Exploration:

  • Over 30 relevant career exploration tools in one space
  • Direct link to impartial relevant data direct from CareersNZ

Career Research:

  • 'LIVE' Micro Decision Making steps
  • Independent up-to-date relevant information
  • Emphasis is placed on breadth of occupational options

Subject Selection:

  • Occupation option LINKS with school curriculum
  • Electronic accepting and declining process
  • Automatic communication with students

Academic Tracking:

  • Monitor potential and actual academic progress
  • Academic Milestones identified
  • Awesome academic document ready for job applications

Future Tertiary Planning:

  • Direct links to all Tertiary Providers
  • Creating individualised course planning
  • Scholarship research
  • Common Confidential Referee Request System
  • Reference request 'snapshot'

Open Communication:

  • Messaging and emailing direct with ALL teachers in your school
  • Receive TXT messages
  • Reply to TXT messages 

Curriculum Vitae Development Resources:

  • How to Develop a CV
  • DreamCatcher's own CV Builder
  • Unit Standard 504 - Level 1, 2cr

Other Unit Standards ready for delivery:

Produce a plan for own future directions and Explore career options and their implications, Demonstrating information search access, and selection skills then Manage own career development

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