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DreamCatcher helps facilitate Student Centred Career Development, with assistance from Caregivers and Teaching Staff.

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What is DreamCatcher for our Students?

DreamCatcher is an online career development programme. Inspired by youth's zest for technological platforms, desire for speed of delivery and answers NOW!

DreamCatcher is a Student Centred programme, facilitating through - Self Discovery, Exploration and Decision Making

You can equate the functionality of DreamCatcher to Trademe, Facebook or Bebo [remember this?] in terms of providing a structure, speed and flexibility to suit your school's needs.

The system has a logical structure:

  • Self Discovery and 'who I am' - the most significant step in career development
  • Exploration
  • Research
  • Evaluation and Priorities

Each area can be 'chunked down' into manageable lessons:

  • Self Assessment using Key Competencies, Values and Personal Development
  • Goal Setting
  • Curriculum Vitae development populates directly from student data input 
  • How to explore career pathway options
  • How to do in-depth and specific research including automatic population of data from CareerNZ
  • Subject Selection Pathways connected with a Future Focus
  • Academic Tracking for own progress and teacher with assistance

Examples of possible ways DreamCatcher can be integrated into the NZ Curriculum:

  • Year 9 & 10 - Health
  • Year 10 - Social Studies
  • Year 11 & 12 English
  • Year 13 - 1 Period from our students 'study line' for Term 1
  • Transition & Gateway classes
  • Study classes

DreamCatcher has been developed to take into consideration a number of Unit Standards students will be able to gain credits. Including: Curriculum Vitae's, Planning for own future, Produce a plan to enhance own learning ..... to name a few. DreamCatcher facilitates All or Part of a possible TEN unit standards.

Invaluable development has grown, from our meager beginnings using a 'basic database' over an ten year period. Through teaching, continual evaluation and listening to our students we believe DreamCatcher has captured the needs of the student using a platform they can relate to and easy enough for us 'digital-immigrants'.

Luck is not an accident but a series of actions YOU have dreamt, created, moulded and acted upon to become YOUR SUCCESS.

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