Student Career Pathways

DreamCatcher helps facilitate Student Centred Career Development, with assistance from Caregivers and Teaching Staff.

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Career Management Features for Teachers

Career Event Management System

  • Teacher and Student Calendars
  • Weekly notification of activities sent to students and caregivers (proving to be great 'dinner conversations')

Subject Selection FULL Process System

  • Upload your Pathway Handbook
  • Students select subjects
  • Teachers can accept or decline students
  • Notifications direct to students
  • Academic progress in our student pop-up
  • Sorting requests into form classes for bulk actions

Academic Tracking

  • Easy access to group reports to view progress
    • Year level
    • Form Class
    • Group-specific reports

Communication System with Teachers, Parents and Students

  • Messaging
  • Email
  • TXTing (including replies and conversation threads)

Goals with Reflection + Feedback System

  • Each teacher can manage their own students seeking feedback
  • Feedback to communicated to student and caregivers

FULL Report System

  • 'Group Builder' option direct from Reports, creating a specific target group
  • Reporting on most student data

Individualised Career Management Portal

  • Ability to view all Student's Individualised Career Profiles
  • Help build relationships and bring relevance into the classroom

Data Exports from DreamCatcher to SMS:

  • Career Conversations
  • Top 5 Career Research
  • Plan A, B and C
  • Subject Selection

Data Imports into DreamCatcher from an SMS:

  • Assessments offered in each subject [need to set up subject selection for this]
  • Academic Results, available for all NCEA users

Action Request Management Systems:

  • Student for a day
  • Work Experience
  • Common Confidential Referee Forms
  • Reference / Testimonial Requests for single or multiple teachers

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  • Subject and Course Selections
  • Events and Tasks with Notifications
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