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DreamCatcher helps facilitate Student Centred Career Development, with assistance from Caregivers and Teaching Staff.

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Getting DreamCatcher

This is quick and easy:

  1. Contact us here at DreamCatcher
  2. In consultation with you, we will set up a date of installation
  3. Check with your technician if your set-up meets the requirements
  4. Installation day and professional development
  5. Further training if required
  6. National / Provincial training days throughout the year - based on demand


Installation includes instructions on how to transfer existing student core data and at least one day on-site setup / training.

Schools will also be invoiced a portion of their Annual Fee (see below) from time of installation up to March 31st.

Expenses will include:

Transportation, accommodation and related costs;

Annual Fee

Each school is invoiced in April for the following 12 month period up to March 31st.

The Annual Fee covers phone, fax, e-mail support via our Helpdesk. It also includes all updates to DreamCatcher. There are generally two updates released per year. We will notify you of any changes in advance, where possible. This obviously will be done from our end requiring little or no input from you.


Schools wanting on-site training should send their request to or 0274 96 31 39

Costs to have a trainer visit you on-site are:

  • Trainer: $500 for a half day 
  • Travel, Accommodation and related costs

All prices quoted are exclusive of GST. More Information about Training

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