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DreamCatcher helps facilitate Student Centred Career Development, with assistance from Caregivers and Teaching Staff.

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DreamCatcher for Career Practitioners

DreamCatcher is a Career Development Management System, allowing the Career Practitioner and the Pastoral Care Team to provide a valuable service to ALL your students.

As our economy is pulled, twisted and pushed by local and international forces - our students need to be guided with the utmost care, to ensure their INVESTMENT in their future is an INFORMED one. We are finding students are making conscious decisions now about the affordability of future education, possible pathway opportunities into employment and how they can pay back their Student Loan.

DreamCatcher helps assist students through using a logical decision-making process, directly links to resources and assists them to identify their own strengths, weaknesses and passions. Self-analysis also helpful in highlighting areas for improvement with tools to assist in this development.

DreamCatcher ensures students are empowered to make their own decisions well beyond school, as it focuses on student's learning how to use and access a large number of tools. Identification of 'At Risk' students, is as easy as a click of the button:

  • Who has not accessed DreamCatcher in the last 6 months
  • Future Intentions report display incongruent results
  • Career Research has not been completed
  • Subject Selection Pathways do not match Future Career Pathway Ideas

DreamCatcher for Parents

Students can invite Parents to have access to their DreamCatcher profile - such a powerful opportunity to be part of the decision-making process for their child's future possibilities.

Accessibility is as simple as having Internet access. Parents play a major role in assisting their children with their career decision making. DreamCatcher helps Parents cope with researching the huge range of pathway options available.

Pastoral care staff within a school have the opportunity to use DreamCatcher to assist our youth - with an easy to use messaging system, logged meeting times including a list of what is discussed available for the student and parent to view to remind and inform.

DreamCatcher for Schools

DreamCatcher gives schools the best of both worlds, flexibility to customise aspects to your school's needs and pre-defined questions by DreamCatcher.

A major consideration for DreamCatcher is the provision for open communication using a number of methods to ensure we cater for all students needs. It is important that we keep a running record of conversations had with Students, Parents, Caregivers and the School's Pastoral Care Staff.

Some of what DreamCatcher Offers

  • Logical management of student leavers
  • Subject Selection
  • Tertiary pathway process
  • With many more modules in the pipeline...

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DreamCatcher - A Better way to manage your career pathway.

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  • Secure SSL HTTPS connection.
  • Subject and Course Selections
  • Events and Tasks with Notifications
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